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I tried out for a community. Here's what a motherfucker said:

Subject: No
- Your application seemed half assed & not worth reading.
- Your pictures were horrible, they made you look very unattractive.

Don't call me unattractive, I know I'm not. I dont even care if I sound conceited. If that's why someone says no, they are idiotic. I was not made for rating communities.

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WTF?? where are my comment whores when I need them? When I'm sick you can't comment, but when I'm busy you comment whore. Ugh...you idiots!!    haha just kidding, you know I love you all. So I didn't go to school once again. I went to the doctors this morning, and I got a strep throat test...the one where they choke you with a cutip, that came out negative and then they sent me over to an x-ray place to get tested on my sinus and chest. That was so ugh. Annoying. Umm, right now I'm listening to my sex gods... Augustana. :) they make me smile a little too much, haha. After the x-rays I found out that they were megative, and then we went to Wal-Mart (me and my mom) to get my cough stopper stuff. It's not working, I took it like an hour ago...grr. I got 2 magazines too. The little teenie ones. I hate them, but now I'm all getting into them again...great. Well, honestly the quizzes entertain me, and MCR and FOB are in them, so at least it was for a good cause. The doctor just called and said that he might give me something else besides the cough stopper....the cough stopper is stupid. It won't heal my  cough, but it will stop it for a couple hours. That is pathetic. So my weekend it basically ruined. I miss my Central firends...what I have of them. Like 2, lol. I miss my Sabis people too. OMG!! I'm so far behind in school probably, lol. That sucks butt. Ugh! OMG, I'm so mad at myself. Why do I have to be sick? Poopie, hehe.


I WANT RONALD WEASLEY/RUPERT GRINT IN MY BED RIGHT NOW!!!! Please and thank you. Harry Potter came out today! I want to se it, but no of course not because I'm sick. there's going to be sexual tension in it, I can't wait. I want Ron and Hermione to get it on. They're so hot.

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